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Commercial data search service

Our commercial data search service provides species, designated site and habitat data within Herefordshire. If you would like to request data, please download the form here and email to us at Unfortunately we are currently experiencing technical issues with our online data request form so this has been temporarily removed while we investigate the problem.


The costs associated with running HBRC are shared amongst the users of its data. Any commercial request submitted from the 12th April 2021 will now be subject to the following:

  • £120 exclusive of VAT for the first hour of the request. This is also the minimum charge.
  • £90 exclusive of VAT for every hour thereafter.
  • £50 exclusive of VAT will be charged should the search area contain none of the information requested.

We aim to supply a quote within 5 working days of the submittal of a completed data request form and return the information requested within 10 working days of the acceptance of any quote. We aim to provide information as soon as possible however now offer a two tiered fast track service (subject to staff resources) for those that wish to guarantee a quicker turnaround time:

  • For an additional 100% of the original charge we will guarantee that you will receive the data within 1 – 3 working days of the acceptance of a quote.
  • For an additional 50% of the original charge we will guarantee you will receive the data within 4 – 6 working days of the acceptance of a quote.

These charges will be subject to ongoing review as we endeavour to work towards full cost recovery.

Neighbourhood Development Plans

We offer a bespoke data package for the purposes of informing Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs), providing species records and designated sites within your Parish boundary for a set fee of £210 + VAT. Please download our brochure for full details.

Other work

We are also able to offer more bespoke data products and services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Data supply to non-commercial customers

We are generally able to provide data free of charge to recording groups and students/researchers, although in some instances where large/complex datasets have been requested, a charge may be applicable.


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