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A beginners guide to Solitary Wasps

15th July 2023 | 10:00 – 16:00

A beginners guide to Solitary Wasps
A table showing the details of the A beginners guide to Solitary Wasps event
Venue:Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre
Address:Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas HR2 6LA
Tutor:Ian Cheeseborough

Contact:Tim Kaye

When people think about wasps, they only remember the yellow and black Common Wasp which is a social beast and frequenter of picnics. However, this fascinating group includes the Giant Woodwasp, 1717 species of Chalcid wasp, the beautiful Ruby-tailed wasps, Spider hunting wasps and Potter wasps to name just a few! Led by a national expert in the field we will find a few and get a little understanding of these amazing animals.

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